Gifts 'n Stitches
Gifts 'n Stitches

Sneak Peak

Take a peak at some of our finished products to get an idea of what your creation could look like!

Minkee Towel Wrap - Child
Owl Snuggler
Hot pink tutu backpack
Oilcloth Notebook
Golf Towel
Sippy Cup
Doggie Mat
Water Bottle
Large Triangle Cosmetic Bag
Embroider Blanky - Lamb
Diaper Cover
Beach Towels
6-pack cooler
Pink hooded bath towel
Extra Large Oilcloth Cosmetic Bag
Oil Cloth Make-Up Roll / Pencil Case
Embroider Blankey - Doggie
Wine Koozies
Large Waffle Cosmetic Bag
Small Waffle Cosmetic Bag
Blue Hooded Bath Towel
Hooded Bath Towels
Large Oilcloth Cosmetic Bag
Polka-dot tote
Floral Bowler Lunch Bag
Lunch Tote
Waffle Weave Slippers

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Gifts 'n Stitches
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